About Autocard

Get the news and you will know that there is far less competition and transparency in fuel market pricing, than ever before.

Sick of getting a ‘raw deal” on fuel pricing, our group of procurement professionals, like-minded fleet and business owners, put our minds together and decided to demystify the “smoke and mirrors” fuel pricing offered by major fuel companies. As a result the Autocard buying group was born.

The first part of the Autocard plan was simple, armed with our knowledge of the fuel market, we should combine our fuel volumes and use that increased buying power, to simply get a better deal.

Also, after years of dealing with “established” fuel card suppliers, we know the fuel card management, billing and reporting tools they offer, simply don’t fit the needs of well-run fleet operations.

With the help of a team of hot shot, young IT gurus, part two of our plan was to build from the ground up, a bespoke, cloud based, better for business fleets, fuel card management portal that is "simply the very best" in the market today, we call it our Autocard Cloud.

Now we are established, Autocard are expanding our buying group and inviting other like-minded businesses to join us in getting a better deal.

If you want to know more about how joining the Autocard group can be Better for Your Business, then simply click the Enquire Now button below, follow the simple instructions and a member of the Autocard team will be in contact with a better deal before you know it.

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