Autocard is the Zero Fees Fuel Card

Some other fuel card suppliers offer the promise of bigger discounts upfront, but when you look at the fine print you see that they grab back those savings by charging you in other ways. They use card and account establishment fees or transaction fees to erode your discounts, at Autocard we are all about keeping discounts simple and transparent.

Our policy is clear, we don’t charge you any fees, the fuel you use is what you pay for, you simply pay for the fuel you purchase at the pump price, minus your agreed Autocard discount, it’s really that simple.

Autocard a Better Deal for your Business

  • Zero joining or establishment fees
  • Zero monthly account fees
  • Zero card fees
  • Zero transaction fees

Autocard Cloud

When we built the Autocard Cloud, we started with the proverbial “clean sheet of paper”. That meant that led by our group of business and fleet management experts, we were able to include every element of functionality we could think of.

We had one goal in mind, to deliver our group access to the best cloud based fuel card management solution in the market, it was that simple.

Using the Autocard Cloud keeps you in control of your fuel card - fleet management. We think you will be amazed how simple it is too, in real time, open an account, order or restrict cards and access the most comprehensive range of fuel card reporting and billing information.

The time for accepting the tired industry standard of getting your transaction information in a PDF or CSV file, often weeks after a fuel purchase is made is over. If you aren’t currently getting access to your all your fuel purchase data and reporting in real time, then chances are, it’s costing you time and money.

At Autocard we make it so easy for your fleet managers and accounts teams, to access information on any and all transactions at the push of a few buttons. You simply set up your access to the Autocard Cloud to suit you and your business needs.

When running a vehicle fleet there is a better than even chance that someone, sometime will try and take advantage of the fuel card they are supplied for non-approved use. We understand how much valuable time is taken up dredging through invoices line by line looking for that misuse or theft. The Autocard Cloud makes it so easy to get exception reports sent whenever purchases are made outside the limits you set.

Need your billing and reporting separated branch by branch or in any subset within a branch, no problem, we are confident the Autocard Cloud will meet any requirements you can think of.

Want to search for a transaction with only the most limited information of the purchase to go on? The Autocard Cloud can do that too, you name it we can find it for you, all you need is the most minute detail of the transaction history to work with.

We believe our "Autocard Cloud" portal is simply the best password protected, online fuel card management tool in the market today, and when you join us at Autocard, it’s yours to use 24 hours a day seven days a week free of charge.

Using the Autocard Cloud will make your fuel card management a breeze and save you money, join Autocard and get the Autocard Cloud working for you today.

Autocard really is Better for Your Business Fleet.

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