Autocard Climate Care

We understand that fuel powered vehicles produce carbon emissions that have a negative impact on our climate.

At Autocard we are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions, we understand that if we work together with you, we can help offset your carbon emissions.

Planning is underway for Autocard to launch later this year our own Carbon offsetting program, we call it Autocard Climate Care.

We will make it easy for you to offset your carbon footprint using Autocard Climate Care, our carbon offsetting programme.

Because at Autocard we are all about keeping things simple, we will give you the tools to calculate your own carbon emissions. Then you can use the Autocard Climate Care calculator to assess the cost to remove those emissions from the atmosphere.

Once you know the costs, you will then be able to trade portions of your fuel discounts against the purchase of 'carbon credits' from New Zealand based, carefully selected projects that remove emissions or prevent them in first place.

Autocard and You Caring About the Climate