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The Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers is pleased to be partnering with AutoCard Services Ltd to offer our members, their employees and clients, discounted fuel options

The Autocard offer is a no surprises, straight up, cents per litre discount off the pump price, on every fuel purchase you make, anytime, anywhere, from any of the fuel supply partners national network of 400 service stations and truck stops.

The discount offer is clear - there are no fees charged and you only pay for the fuel you use, minus the agreed ICNZB discount below, it’s really that simple.

So how does it work?

Once we have the application form below, AutoCard will set up your account and order your cards for delivery direct to you. You can then start reaping the benefits of cheaper fuel straight away at any BP, GAS and RD Petroleum outlet.

You are able to apply for multiple cards on your account – perfect for a business fleet, or employers wanting to provide their employees with a discount.

The billing process from here is simple - you receive an invoice by email and a breakdown of transactions twice monthly, with the direct debit from your nominated back account then taking place 5 days later. Simple.

1 - Personal Details

2 - Type of Business

3 - Terms of Trade

All accounts are payable by automatic direct debit on the 14th and 28th of the month following the date of the bi-monthly invoice.

Personal Guarantee – Where the applicant is a duly incorporated company Autocard Services Ltd reserves the right to require personal guarantees of the applicants directors prior to the provision of goods or services. The personal guarantee shall be in the form annexed hereto.

I, the applicant, by signing below specifically agree and acknowledge with Autocard Services Ltd (ASL) as follows: That ASL hereby informs me that it may disclose to a credit reporting agency certain personal information about me including; information contained in this application; my identification; the amount of credit applied for; payments which may become more than 60 days overdue. That ASL in assessing this application an any later request for a credit limit increase, may obtain from a credit reporting agency a credit report containing personal credit information about me and a credit report containing information about my commercial credit worthiness.

4 - Guarantee (only required for business accounts)

(hereinafter referred to as “the principal debtor”) I/we DO HEREBY JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY GUARANTEE to AS the due and punctual payment of all monies due and punctual performance of all obligations that are now and/or that may in the future be due and payable or required to be performed by the principal debtor to ASL and I/we will be liable to ASL for any such amounts AND the following provisions shall be applicable to this guarantee:

  1. This guarantee is a continuing guarantee and will operate irrespective of any intervening payment, settlement of account or other matter or thing whatsoever, until a final release has been signed by ASL and delivered to the Guarantors.
  2. No granting of credit, extension of former credit or granting of time to the principal debtor for the payment of any amounts due, and no delay, waiver, indulgence or neglect or decision not to sue on ASL’s part, nor the release of any security held by ASL, nor the liquidation, incapacity or bankruptcy of the principal debtor shall affect my/our liability to ASL under this guarantee.
  3. As between ASL and me/us, I/we shall be deemed to be a principal debtor(s) and not merely a surety, and shall be liable to ASL accordingly.
  4. This guarantee shall continue in force notwithstanding that the principal debtor account with ASL may from time to time be in credit.
  5. Within seven (7) days of notice in writing being given to me/us of any failure on the part of the principal debtor to pay amounts due to ASL, I/we shall make payment to you of all sums in respect of which such failure has been made (including all costs or losses incurred or suffered by ASL in recovering and/or attempting to recover any amounts owed or as a result of me/us failing to meet the conditions of this Personal Guarantee) whether or not demand for payment has been made on a Guarantor or any other person.

5 - Autocard Card Details

Card Set 1

6 - Direct Debit

Please download and fill out our Direct Debit form, then reupload below.

Download Direct Debit Form